Background & Education

Allen got started in music with piano lessons at age nine. After taking years of lessons he joined the band at school to play clarinet and became 2nd chair in eighth grade.

He later taught himself the guitar at age 13 after his uncle showed him a few chords. He is left-handed but only learned how to play right-handed guitar because they are more common.

Allen's guitar playing style relies heavily on barre chords and variations of four note jazz chords. He has been classically trained and can read musical charts, guitar tabs, and enjoyed learning scales and modes. Of all the instruments he can play, he considers himself to be best at guitar.

From there, his interests expanded and Allen explored various instruments, eventually becoming proficient in drums, bass, piano, and any others needed at the time of recording. His father bought him a sound card in 2005 and he has been producing music ever since.

Allen attended BYU as a pre-music major for one semester but eventually completed a degree in business instead. He played electric guitar in the jazz band in high school for two years as the lead.

Negative Zero (2005-2010)

Are You A Fan? (2008)

During his sophomore year of High School, Allen published his first release as Negative Zero with Are You A Fan? (2008). The band sold CDs at school and played shows at the Epicentre and the Ramona Mainstage.

Earthshake (2009)

Earthshake (2009), released the following year was a commercial and popular success, and the band sold over 300 physical copies. Negative Zero was gaining a local following by this time, and Allen had a working relationship with reporters at the Ramona Sentinel and others to publish articles announcing his releases and shows.

The Halfway King (2010)

In 2010 the band redoubled their efforts and came out with The Halfway King (2010). During the promotion of this record Negative Zero performed over a dozen shows at venues including the Che Cafe, Soma San Diego, and the Orange County Fair. As part of this local tour, they played a mix of new material combined with fan favorites from their previous albums.

The band continued to develop their stage performance which was very well received. Negative Zero went on hiatus until reforming in 2013 as the Nobles.

The Nobles

In 2013 Allen wrote and recorded the album Pitfalls of Earth Life which contains a blend of narrative style ballads, fast-paced punk, and traditional indie rock and roll. While Negative Zero's lineup had changed throughout the years, Josh Sulzen and Moises Vargas were the most consistent members who recorded this album with Allen and had major influences in style and instrumentation.

The band promoted this album with a website, another local tour, and extensive album sales. The band sold over a thousand copies of Pitfalls, and promoted it until scheduling conflicts resulted in the Nobles' eventual dissolution in late 2014.